Who We Are


Christ the King is a community of Anglican Christians committed to the ancient faith as taught by Jesus to His Apostles and, in turn, they passed on to the Church. Our worship is biblical, liturgical, historical and orthodox. We believe the faith that makes us whole is rooted in, and consistent with, the teaching of the undivided Church. We anchor our trust in Christ and live in loving service to Him.

Our Mission

Many churches talk about making disciples, but few are committed to the hard work of intentional disciple making. We like to get our hands dirty and dig in deep. Our motivation comes from the Lord and from the awe inspiring efforts of the many Martyrs of the church. We don't try to garner an emotional response, we want to share the faith handed down from the beginning. A disciple of Jesus doesn’t just learn facts. A disciple learns a lifestyle. Making disciples is a personal and purpose driven process of transmitting to others the lifestyle of following Jesus.

Come, worship and grow in Christ with us.